sexta-feira, 13 de junho de 2014

I have two personal hello to novi sa q and I will love you guys, I mean three.
well let's start the first is the least important is that now the blog because being visualized by many people from other countries when making any posting will the translation in English and Spanish the most basic languages​​.
second novelty is that I rescheduled the photo with my colleague but now she will be Ana Beatriz and another colleague of mine and my Chará mean she is more than colleagues are almost as sisters girlfriends study with them since the first year and we are already in sixth year, will be Tuesday at 2:00 pm.
and most important news is that I'll buy my pointe shoe Monday in the capital of Sergipe Aracaju where I live!!'m very happy, and will be worth buying cuz my prof said dance q euu have capacity!! # # estoufeliz voucomprarminhasapati
lhadeponta # tenhotresnovi!!!!!!

this is the last post I made

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